Dear Zindagi…

Dear Zindagi (life),

Let me tell you what I told my Savior about what it’s like knocking at redemption’s door at the foot of His cross.

Like the sweetest drop of honey from a well of living water, is the taste of Your redemption on love’s blood-bought shore.

The condemned know no shame in Your manifest glory, the weak draw near to You knowing You as the omnipotent author of their story.

The broken scatter their pieces in hopes of finding a healer. In vain the Enemy moves to kill, brandishing his weapons as a peace stealer.

Hope may become frail but it can never truly die, for Your promises transcend time as Your saving grace draws nigh.

You lead us into still waters, You restore our souls. Prepped for battles on mountain tops and valleys at all-time lows.

Finding rest in Your unchanging grace as hope leads us on, You renew and strengthen us, our victory sure as the dawn.


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