Life of a DC Tourist: Day 1

Alright. So today we couldn’t have been any more obvious about being out-of-towners. Like, it was glaringly obvious. We did all the typical touristy stuff. The day started out well enough. But then we trekked over to Rosslyn Metro Station and got our Metro cards. We spent at least a good 10 minutes trying to figure out the subway maps because, of course, DC has to make public transportation difficult (says, the Michigander). So we ended up getting on the wrong subway line and ended up further back in Virginia. We got off somewhere in the boondocks and had to take a subway in the opposite direction to get to DC.

We get to DC and the first thing we see is the Washington Monument (what Blaire and Taylor fondly refer to as the Jenny Memorial for all you Forest Gump fans) and the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Then we walked…and walked…and walked some more in the 90+ degree humid weather and headed over to the Potomac River. We passed the Korean War Veterans Memorial and Roosevelt Memorial along the way. Across the Potomac we spotted the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. We then journeyed BACK to the Washington Monument, so that we could get to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the MLK Memorial, and The Three Soldiers statue.

We also saw a Marine 1 helicopter land right in front of the White House and there were people lined up. I don’t know if the Commander in Chief was coming or going but next thing we knew, there were a couple of Marine 1 helicopters leaving the grounds. THEN, on the subway back, our family of 6 got separated because a few of us took too long getting to the doors of the subway. My dad and my two sisters had managed to get inside quickly enough, whereas my mom, junior, and I were left dumbstruck on the platform. The look of disbelief and amusement was evident on, not only our faces, but on other people’s faces around us. I’m sure quite a few people got a good laugh out of that. I know we did. Anyway, we found the other half of the fam waiting for us at our Rosslyn Metro stop.

Out of the entire day, we had TWO people tell us “excuse me” out of hundreds of people that passed by. A few were very nice and helpful. But overall, to say that this place is friendly would be a lie. Which is a good thing we’re not here for the people sooo, bye Felicia. Towards the end of the day, our feet were throbbing and we were trudging along like Walking Dead zombies. Our spur of the moment dinner decision was Panera Bread (always a good choice!) And we got caught in the rain a bit, but hey, it didn’t last long. Needless to say, we truly got broken in the first day in true tourist style. I’d say that was a success. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures…


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