Windomnation Chronicles Vol 1: Passionate

So this is a mini-series I’ve been contemplating for a while. And I’ve decided to do a short piece on the 6 members of Windomnation (aka, my fam) describing one quality about them that I feel heavily shapes who they are. So to kick things off, the first piece is on my middle sister (name withheld for privacy reasons, ya know.)

Her quality is passionate. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines passionate as being “capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feeling”. Not only does she express intense feeling, she has the ability to affect how those around her interpret what is being portrayed. Her voice is one of her most powerful weapons. Music is her love language and passion is what drives her to test her limits. The intensity with which she performs is awe-inspiring.

Never one to be content settling for mediocre, she strives for excellence. And her continuous excitement for life and all the possibilities awaiting her in her musical journey promise a fruitful and rewarding experience. Beethoven once said, “To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.” She understands that her voice is a treasure, one that deserves to be heard. One that relentlessly pursues challenges and opportunities. She understands the beauty of nurturing a gift that God graciously provided her with. Because for her, sharing a gift void of passion is a terrible injustice.


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