Windomnation Chronicles Vol 2: Bold

Bold: showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous; daring. If you know my youngest sister, then you definitely know this to be true. She is the epitome of boldness, always one to stand out. And not that she intentionally places herself in the spotlight. Because she doesn’t. It would seem that the spotlight is usually drawn to her. There’s just a magnetic bond between the two.

This is the girl who will have you rethinking your life with a mere expression. This is the girl who confidently jokes around with adults and gains their immediate affection. She is a spit-fire, but she’s also sweet (but of course, she would deny it). She is comfortable and wonderful in her own skin. And she will also speak up and put in their place those who would underestimate her wisdom and intelligence (adults included).

Robert Frost is quoted as saying, “Freedom lies in being bold”. Well, my baby sister is one who is most at ease with being herself completely and unashamedly. It is this boldness in her that compels you to get to know her. This same daunting boldness is also the inviting kind that will have you jamming out to K-Pop with her simply because she doesn’t give a care about what anyone thinks of her music preferences (and because she has impeccable taste in picking out great K-Pop songs and artists!) And it’s the mesmerizing kind that will leave you in awe.












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