Altar Call

“Altar Call”. The title of the poem he wrote that undoubtedly solidified the inevitable “I Do”. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017 comes riddled with so many emotions. But joy definitely stands apart from the rest. I had just celebrated my 23rd birthday three days before, and left Friday to take a trip up to Wyoming, MI to spend the weekend with Tre’von and his mother and sister – which was an amazingly wonderful time! So, fast forward a bit. It’s around 2am on Saturday. I’m getting ready for bed and Tre’von asks if I’m going to sleep immediately. I say no and he tells me that he has a poem to read me. 

He comes and sits on the side of the bed, as I’m lying there all tucked in, looking all kinds of sleepy. And then he starts to read one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard that started off, “With these words, I paint an unfinished art piece of me, and a full, intricately  beautiful portrait of you….” (If his wedding vows are anything like the poems he writes me, I’m done for). 3 and 3/4 pages later, he ends with, “You are the daughter of God, His grace, your beauty, I’ll never fully understand. I think of you and my decisions are final. So We need you to decide: will you marry me?” 

Now mind you, in the past, we’ve had conversations where he’s playfully asked me to marry him and I’d say yes. So I thought that was another one of those moments. So what did I say? “Yes.” Then he smiles and says, “Yeah?” Again, I said, “yes”. Then he goes “Good”, gets up off the bed and gets on his knee holding the ring out to me. Oh. My. Goodness. I got the biggest grin on my face and had to have said yes, like, 4 more times. Then, classic, bossy me, I playfully went, “Put it on my finger!” So he did.

It had to have been nerves cause neither of us could stop laughing. And the ring, as it turns out, was the one I tried on back in May at Kay’s for a ring expo they were doing. It was the one I fell in love with immediately because it is absolutely perfect. Rabbit trail, my bad. Anyway, we stayed up just a little while longer talking. I may have spent a good majority of the time staring at my finger though…Can ya’ blame a gal? 

It was the PERFECT proposal because it was so us. We didn’t want a big show of it. It was a moment that we agreed would be just the two of us whenever it happened. I love that he took one of our favorite pastimes (writing and reading our poems to one another) and made it into the single, greatest moment of our lives. Lord knows there is absolutely no one else I’d rather do life with than this man right here by my side. 10 months today, a lifetime tomorrow. 


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